For employers

Help us change your business for the better.

We need your help, we know how important it is to you that we create the right talent for your business.

But during these uncertain times it's hard for all of us to work together as we used to. That's why we're asking for your help to strengthen our community ties with business and make sure our students get the best start to their careers that only you can provide.

Feedback from the businesses we work with tells us that when they play a part in the development stage—helping to shape our students early on—students are able to go into their business when they leave us and hit the ground running.

The way businesses operate is changing. We know because we work with a lot of them.

In fact, we work with more than 2,000 businesses across the UK, from large multi-nationals to SMEs, helping them to address the challenges they are facing across their sectors.

Why work with us?

Because we want our learners to be the future of your business

We want to know that when they leave one of our colleges, they’ve had an education that’s relevant to the industry they want to work in and that they are equipped for the challenges of the workplace.

Because our unique offer works across all levels, we can help companies at every stage to inspire, mentor, educate and employ the next generation of their business.

The benefit to your company is clear: feedback from the businesses we work with tells us that when they play a part in the development stage - helping to shape our students early on – students are able to go into their business when they leave us and hit the ground running.

Your sector experience, combined with our award-winning Learning Philosophy and attributes, means we are producing students with the right mentality for the workplace: employees who are resilient, can think independently, show initiative, possess excellent communication skills and display the fundamental qualities of professionalism.

And the benefits for your business go beyond the workplace. There are the intangible advantages you gain in supporting the next generation and how that positions your brand.

More and more we work with businesses who not only want to work with us because it’s a good investment in their future, but because they recognise the importance it has for their brand and how it’s viewed by their customers and the wider community.

Our offer

We can work with you in many ways to address skills, training and employment needs and meet the demands of the 21st Century workplace.

We have broken down our offering to businesses into five key categories:

  • Train: how we can help you to avoid recruitment costs by training and upskilling your current workforce and ensuring your business has the skills needed to thrive.
  • Educate: by working with us to develop our students via placements, work experience and apprenticeships, you can grow relationships with potential employees early on, ensuring your business has the talent it needs.
  • Inspire: inform curriculum design to your advantage and help deliver employer-led sessions so our students are ready to work in your sector. Help students leave our high-quality programmes speaking the language of your business and knowing about your company as a possible workplace destination.
  • Employ: we can help you access a pool of potential staff with a wide range of skills via our Careers Team and help you with your recruiting needs.
  • Sponsor: by sponsoring classrooms, equipment or students, you can help to develop your industry’s future leaders and provide great opportunities for our learners. But it’s not just good for our students; it’s good for your brand. It positions your business as forward-thinking and one that is willing to help develop the next generation.